The intimate series

In the second of a series of chats with friends of Rossell England, we speak to meditation teacher and wellness expert Emma Mills.

Where do you live and how do your surroundings affect you?

I live in Southwell, in the countryside and really enjoy being as close to nature as possible when I’m not in the city. I love fresh air, trees, the greenery and being around a natural environment. I do also love the City, in particular London and Oxford. I like a mixture.

What was it that drew you to meditation and how did this become a career for you?

I have always worked in the field of meditation and after taking a psychological degree I worked at the charity MIND. While studying I was interested in meditation and spiritual life. I opened my private practise whilst still at MIND and it flowed more and more into meditation. I found bringing in the arts, literature and poetry, really helped to act as a medium - meditation enables you to connect to a different level of well being, it addresses a different depth and quality.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I always like to mediate in the mornings, I sit down and have meditation time then have a coffee and hot water with lemon, read poetry and go to work. There isn't a typical day, when you run a business and do everything yourself! One of my favourite days is a Tuesday - I have been running a new wellness class in a local cafe in Southwell in an upstairs space overlooking the square. My wellness class is a mixture of reading poetry and short stories, meditation and techniques. I then go onto my private one to ones, have meetings on the phone, write articles or update my blog.

What is a typical way you relax and unwind after a busy day?

I like to have bath! I can have a bath anytime of day or a bike ride. I also have a vegetable garden I grow flowers and vegetables - I love chilling in the garden.

How would you describe your personal style and has it evolved to suit your life style?

My personal style is eclectic, but for work I try to keep it simple so that work is at the centre. I’ve always loved fashion - my style is about natural fabrics, simple designs and clothes that are practical and made to last.

How does your personal style fit in with your work?

With the work that I do I have to feel comfortable, I need clothes that aren't too tight around my ribs and tummy. When I’m travelling to teach my courses, the wardrobe has to be practical. I might wear a lycra legging for running outside, but I would never wear a synthetic fabric for meditation or relaxation.

What things inspire you day to day? Where are your favourite places to relax?

Day to day I’m inspired by nature, flowers trees, the changing seasons and really inspired by poetry, my favourite place is in the garden . There is a small orchard near where I live and recently I volunteered to pick apples. I spent a whole day picking apples, it was a magical experience, being with the trees, it’s quite unlike anything else.

Why do you like Rossell England and what are you favourite pieces from the collection?

The shape, its a very classic, an elegant shape that I enjoy. I like that its not under-wired and not tight around chest which is great. I like the colours and that the materials are natural and breathable and good against the skin. The red cotton/silk bra has been my favourite.

Does what you wear for a day affect how you feel? does it affect your mood?

Yes, definitely, the fabrics themselves affect me, I feel able to relax in natural fabrics and breathe and the fit affects how I feel physically. I find colours in particular attractive, a lovely colour is uplifting.

Do you look for natural fibres in lingerie?

Yes, I like the natural fibres, I’m more and more aware of the turnover of clothes - I look for clothes of good quality and which will last for a long time.

What are your tips for maintaining balance in life?

I think there is a time to row and a time to float and knowing which time is a good idea. Recognise the time.