Kimono a go go

Irish Linen Kimono Bath Robe

New for the AW18 collection, as part of the nightwear range, Rossell introduces an Irish linen kimono, designed to be worn as a bath robe. The robe is based on the traditional design of Japanese silk kimonos, which Rossell designer, Jo Rossell, has collected over the years from her trips to Japan. 


Wanting to use a less precious fabric, Rossell’s robes are made from linen, woven in an artisan mill in Ireland. The traditional looms used to weave the fabric give it its unique texture. 

AW18 PR rossell.jpg

The design is inspired by the straight lines of a traditional kimono, filled in with triangular sections to create the shape. Using a hardy fabric makes the robe feel more modern whilst remaining elegant and simple.

kimono 2.jpg