Intimate series

Rossell England meets Kika Mitchell, Lifestyle photographer to discuss all things life and intimate!


Where do you live?

Chelmsford, Essex.  Born in London and came to Essex for love!

How did you become a photographer, was it a big career change for you?

I worked in TV for nearly 20 years as a producer and loved it. There was a lot of hours and associated stress which I thought I would trade for another creative passion.  I’ve always loved photography and it seemed a good way to use my creative eye. It felt like a natural progression. My signature style is trying to catch people natural, so there’s no posing and very little structure. That’s what I love about lifestyle photography.

What inspires you in your work?

Shapes and space. I love to involve negative space within my images. I think we are naturally drawn to things that we love and my brand (style) has become an extension of me and what I love. I like natural colours and shapes, there is big intimacy in what I do to create connections. 

 How would you describe your personal style?

I like relaxed casual styles and if I feel comfortable, I feel good. I’m quite aware now about representing my brand.  I’m naturally a casual person, but I’m always aware that I need to represent myself and wouldn’t want to walk around looking really scruffy. I need my clients to trust my eye.


Does work effect your personal style?

Yes, I mostly wear wellies, I’m in the undergrowth because I shoot children a lot. My shoot wardrobe now is far more casual. I turn up to shoot and have to often apologise for the way I look!My wardrobe has to be slightly robust and casual. I need to wear clothes that allow me to move freely.

Who are your favourite designers?

I like Marc Jacobs and Mark Cain, for more simple cuts.  I like the prints, fun elements and cool bold bags, items that have a quirkiness to them. High street wise, I like Whistles, Cos, and H & M. Topshop always for jeans.

Why do you like Rossell underwear and how does it fit into your style/wardrobe?

I was slightly nervous of a soft bra structure, but I was pleasantly surprised. It felt really comfortable and more supportive than other soft cup bra’s.  I am always coming home getting straight in my joggers and sweatshirt and find most bra’s so uncomfortable. But when I was wearing the Crescent bra I didn’t need to take it off! I love the simplicity of lines and shape, it looks beautiful and the back is really clean in look. It will have longevity in my wardrobe. I love the fact that it looks sexy but without lace, more elegant without the bells and whistles.  Its very intimate, which in a way reflects in my photography.  And I really like the pants - they feel so expensive but comfortable.


Do you like to wear natural fibres?

After having kids, you feel different and the body amplifies things and so natural fibres are very important in my wardrobe, I wouldn’t buy synthetic clothes. It completely appeals that the underwear that we wear so close to our skin would be natural.

Who are the women that inspire you?

Style wise I really like Erica Davies on Insta and Holly Willoughby. They both dress for their shape, personality and age. I also admire people like Frances McDormand, SJP, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett and any other non conformist, elegant and challenging females. 

As I’m getting older, its not just role models but all women who are being themselves and women that are not conforming inspire me. I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she can be herself above anything else. 

Visit Kika’s website  to see her work or follow on instagram kikamitchellphotography


Photography by Kika Mitchell